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Packaging CrowdSec for Debian: Bookworm (Debian 12)
13 juin 2023
Moving to the next level during the Bookworm release cycle: catching up with new releases of the Security Engine and packaging Remediation Components.
Packaging CrowdSec for Debian: Bullseye (Debian 11)
12 juin 2023
Taking a look back at the collaboration between CrowdSec and DEBAMAX during the Bullseye release cycle.
Debian vs. non-free-firmware
27 février 2023
Making Debian installation easier, finally!
Groundhog Day: reflashing system images made easy
6 février 2023
Flashing system images without ever touching hardware again? Not impossible!


Helping with PiRogue Tool Suite
21 juin 2022
When mobile forensic and network analysis meet Raspberry Pi devices.


systemd: RequiredBy versus WantedBy
14 juin 2020
How using the wrong keyword in systemd metadata can lead to unexpected results…
Installing Jitsi behind a reverse proxy
18 mars 2020
What if you already have an Apache set up as a reverse proxy on your infrastructure?
Fixing faulty synchronization in Nextcloud
29 février 2020
Sometimes a client sync in Nextcloud goes haywire, here’s a little workaround.


Adding Raspberry Pi CM3 support to Debian Buster
9 septembre 2019
Debian Buster shipped with almost everything needed to support the Raspberry Pi CM3, let's look at the missing pieces.
An overview of Secure Boot in Debian
19 avril 2019
Debian Installer Buster Alpha 5 came with initial Secure Boot support, let’s dive into it!
Debugging with netconsole
3 janvier 2019
The Linux kernel sometimes crashes so badly it leaves little traces around, let’s fix this…


Debugging black screen in Debian Installer
25 mai 2018
How Linux kernel changes can affect user space in various ways…


Tails: early work on reproducibility
20 novembre 2017
How DEBAMAX got involved in the early design and implementation phases to bring reproducibility in the Tails world.
Debian Installer: Stretch released
4 août 2017
A look back on the last release candidates of the Debian Installer before the final Stretch release.
Debian Installer: Stretch RC 2 released
13 février 2017
Discover what happened during the release process of the first release candidates of Stretch’s installer.


Debian Installer: Stretch Alpha 8 released
22 novembre 2016
Check out how the release process went, and discover the biggest change in this release: debootstrap.


Hello, World!
7 octobre 2015
DEBAMAX SAS est désormais immatriculée !